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Swedish Winner 2015

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European Winner 2015

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European Veteran Winner 2015


Norwegian Junior Winner 2015

Norwegian Veteran Winner 2015


Swedish Club Show Winner 2015

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Danish Winner 2015

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Nordic Winner 2015

Nordic Junior Winner 2015

Nordic Veteran Winner 2015


Stockholm 2014-12-14


Swedish Winner 2014- SEV14

Welford's Kensington Garden


Swedish Junior Winner 2014 - SEJV-14

Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe


Swedish Winner & Swedish Junior Winner 2014.

Finishing the Show Year 2014 with a great day in the show ring and a fun night with friends back home at Kylebacke.


Swedish Winner 2014, CACIB, BOS Welford's Kensington Garden

Swedish Junior Winner 2014, R-CC Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe

SSRK Stockholm / Ulriksdal 16 May 2015


Lovely day at Ulriksdal Trädgård outside Stockholm..

BIS3 / BIS2 Veteran / BOB Multi Winner Benton Under Oath. BIS / BOB Puppy Welford's Queens Park.

BOS / CC Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe.

Thanks to Judge Mr. Hans Rosenberg, SE and Maria Törmänen for the photos.

A happy day in the sunshine, thanks to all our dog friends at the show.


Ulriksdal 16 May 2015 Best In Show Puppy.


Alma - Welford's Queens Park our upcoming show girl took Best In Show Puppy at her first dog show in Sweden age 7 months.

Alma is after Glenbrows Sorcerer & Don's Dear Ms Welford


We will be showing Alma during the summer 2015.


Judged by Mr. Hans Rosenberg, SE and BIS Judge Connie Svane Petersen, DK




SKK Borås 2015-06-28


New Swedish Show Champions x 2 at the National Dog Show SKK Borås 2015


CH Weford's Notting Hill Deluxe & CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron


Judged by Mr. Luis Manuel Catalan, Portugal


SKK Gotland 30-31 August 2015

Jenny, Jaffa and Arcie Winners att the Yearly Summer show in Gotland.


Lovely weekend at Gotland with Kennel Welfords dogs Jaffa, Benton Under Oath BIS 2 Veteran saturday and sunday. Sunday he also ended up as BIG 4. BOB puppy both days Captain America Des Vauriennes shortlisted in BIS final.

European Winner Show 2015 , Lilleström, Norway. 6th September 2015


What a sunday in Norway for Swedish owned welsh springer spaniels. All titles went to Sweden this year at the European Winner Show 2015. Here at Kennel Welford we took the following titles and results.


Welford's Queens Park - European Junior Winner 2015 / Reserv CC

CH Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe - European Winner 2015 / CACIB

CH Benton Under Oath - European Veteran Winner 2015 / BIS2 Veteran / Thanks to Jenny Andersson for handling Jaffa


Thank you Norway and all our frinds around the ring for a lovely day

Judged by Mr. Claudio De Giuliani, Italy.

Thanks to Breeder Marjo Jaakkola for the Jaffa photo.

Welcome to Welford News 2015:

13 December 2015 - Nordic Winner Show Stockholm.

Nordic Winner Dog 2015 - Aram - SEV-15 NORDJV-14 NOJV-14 SEU(u)CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron.This boy has develop the right way and we are proud to ad Nordiv Winner title. NORDV-15 On Top of SE-Winner-15 and BIS WSSK Club Show this year.


Nordic Junior Winner 2015 - Haga - FIJV-15 Welford's Queen Deluxe


Nordic Veteran Winner 2015 - Jaffa - Mulit Winner Benton Under Oath


20 December 2015 - What a Year


A fantastic Year 2015 for Veteran Mulit Winner Benton Under Oath together with Jenny Andersson is coming to an end with the final title of the year Nordic Veteran Winner 2015

During the year 2015 they together have acompiced the following result:



6 December 2015


Finish Winner Show 2015 and a New Winner title for Kennel Welford.


Haga - Welford's Queens Deluxe became Finish Junior Winner 2015 and took the finish CC. Thank to Jenny Andersson for handling Haga.

1 December 2015 - 7 months in the US - CH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall - Jason


Thanks to Ryan Wolfe and Lisa Bettis for doing such a great job with Jason ( MRBIS GCH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall CHIC ) this year. In just 7 months as a champion he is the Number 1 WSS in the USA, with 2 reserve Best In Show wins and other excitning wins (including BOW at he National Speciality and ASC) His Record in Scandinavia is qually impressive. Adding to this, he earned his CHIS number with all normal health test results.


Carsten & Urban


18 November 2015


Welford's Shillington Park - Elton is leaving us for his new family.


God luck in the future

Carsten & Urban.


1 november 2015 - SKK International Växjö


Best Of Breed CACIB to our C.I.E. CH Welford's Kensington Garden - Kane at todays international show.


Congratulations to Kennel Heddychlon, Birgitte and Janne taking BOS with Greta.


Breed Judge / specialist Mr. Jens Karlsson, SE



Welsh Springer Spaniel

12 December 2015 - USA News

Jason Best Of Breed


Over the moon that Jason - MRBIS CH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall CHIC was Best of Breed today at the AKC Eukanuba Show 2015.

Thanks to all of Team Jason

Ryan Wolfe, Suan Riese, Meghen Riese Basel, Melanie Helms and Phil Gilson for making this possible.

22 November 2015 SSRK Jämtland/Åre


Best in Show 4 at the show in Jämtland/Åre for CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron.


CH Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe ended up Best Bitch & Best Opposite - BOS

21 November 2015 SSRK Jämtland /Åre


Best In Show 4, BOB CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron.

CC / CERT Welford's Queen Deluxe.


Fantastic Show arena Holiday Club in Åre. We will be back next year.


12 November 2015


CH Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe - Abby passed her anlagstest on her way towards her tracking champion title.


Huge thanks for training and handling to Brittis Hagert.


31 October - 1 November 2015 Danish Winner Show Herning 2015


New Danish Show Champion CH Welford's I'm Number One, BOS, CACIB / CC at the international Dog Show day 1.

CH Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe BOB and CACIB

CC / DK Welford's Queen Deluxe


Danish Winner 2015 CH Welford's Notting Hill Delxue - Abby and

Danish Junior Winner 2015 Welford's Quick Time - Gustav day 2.


Congratulation to Kennel Churnwood in Denmark co-owning Welford's Quick Time - Gustav

24 October 2015 - SSRK Mjölby


Best in Show 3 - Welford's Queen Deluxe - Haga 12 months old and from junior class took todays Best of breed and BIS 3 at SSRK Dog Show in Mjölby. Big thanks to Breed and BIS Jugde Mr. Arne Foss, Norway.



18 October 2015 - WSSK Club Show 2015 - Upplands Väsby - Sweden


What a great day at the WSSK Club Show 2015, among frinds and lovely dogs. 143 entered WSS judged by Mrs & Mr. Harrison, Kennel Glenbrows, UK.

Our dogs did very well with the following results.


Best In Show / Best of breed CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

Best In Show Junior Welford's Queen Deluxe

Best In Show Senior CH Benton Under Oath

Best Open Class Male Welford's Mayfield Park


Our dogs beautiful handled by Jenny Andersson and Petra Larsson. Thank you so much.

Carsten & Urban


12 September 2015, SKK National Dog Show Eslöv, Sweden


Another fantastic day for our Jaffa - CH Benton Under Oath With Jenny Andersson as a handler.

Best Of Breed / Group 2 / Best In Show Veteran Eslöv 2015


The day was crowned with Nellie - Welford's Nottingham Lady Marion took her 2nd CC and ended as BOS. Congratulation to Petra Larsson.


Breed Judge: Mr. Filip Jonsson, SE. Group Judge Mrs. Hannele Jokisilta, FI. Bis Veteran Judge Mrs Irina Poletaeva. Photo Aino Väyrynen.

SKK Stockholm / Täby Interantional & SKK Backamo National

23. August 2015


Great weekend in the Show ring "Kane" Welford's Kensington Garden BOB, CACIB at the SKK Stockholm / Täby international Dog Show.


"Jaffa" Benton Under Oath with Jenny as handlar in SKK Backamo National BIG1, BOB / BOB Veteran.

22 August 2015 - Grand Champion USA


We are very proud to receive a Grand Champion Title from the American Kennel Club for "Jason" CH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall, this week. Team Jason are doing a fantastic job and we want to thanks you all for the success Jason has in the US. Ryan Wolfe, Meghen Riese Bassel, Melanie Helm, Susan Riese, Lisa bettis and Natalie Taylor

15 August 2015 - SKK International Dog Show Norrköping.


"Aram" CH Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron, was best male, CACIB at todays internation dog show in Norrköping Sweden. Congratulations to Per Aschan for winning the best in breed title

Judged by Mr Dan Ericsson, Sweden


8. August 2015 - SKK National Dog Show Askersund.


Sunny day in Askersund National Dog Show.

Welford's Primrose Hill "Bonnie" CC and BOB Best of Breed


CH Benton Under Oath ended as BOS and Best Veteran.


Thanks to handlar Jenny Andersson.

26 July 2015 - SKK Interantional Ransäter Dog Show


A great day for Kennel Welford at the SKK Ransäter Dog Show. Welford's Primrose Hill CERT/CAC/3rd best bitch. Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon BOS/CACIB and her dad CH Benton Under Oath Best Of Breed. Beautiful handled by Jenny Andersson, Who also took Jaffa to BIS2 Veteran placement.


20 july SKK International Dog Show Köping.


CH Benton Under Oath Best Of Breed and

Best In Show 3 Veteran.


Lovely handled by Jenny Andersson

11July SKK Interantional Dog Show Tvååker x 2


Best Of Breed / Best Of Opposite sex / CACIB at the 2 day international dog show in Tvååker, Sweden

Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe


At the Show we even received the Price of Honor for our breeding group of Welsh Springer Spaniels


Abby - CH Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe relaxing after the show.

SKK National Dog Show Avesta 2015-06-13


Welford's Queens Park Best In Show Puppy

e.Glenbrows Sorcerer u. Don's Dear Ms Welford


Breed Judge Mr. Vidar Grundetjern, NO

BIS Judge Mrs. Annette Bystrup, DK



Uppdate from Multi Winner Benton Under Oath

SWE Veteran Tour 2015


Swedish Kennel Club 2015 Vänersborg 7 June.

Best In Show Veteran 2015

Best In Group


Handled by Jenny Andersson.

SKK National Dog Show 6 June 2015


A nice day with lovely lunch att the national day in Norrköping Swedish Kennel Club.


BIS2 Vet, BIG2, BOB Multivinner Benton Under Oath and BOS / CC Dainty's Welford Choice. Her last CC for becoming Swedish Show and Danish Show Champion.


Judged by breed and BISvet judge Mr. Tino Pehar, Kroatia. Group judge Mr. Bertil Lundgren




SKK Österbybruk 30 may 2015 International Dog Show

Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron "Aram" BOS / CACIB / CC

Daintys Welfords Choice "Diva" BB2 / CC / Swedish Champion 2015

Welford's Queens Park "Alma" BIS3 / BOB puppy 2015


Breed Judge: Therese Johansson, SE. BIS Puppy Judge: Jan Törnblom, SE

Photo: Maria Törmänen

Congratulations to Kennel Don's BOB

Dainty's Welford Choice "Diva"

took her last SE/CC at the International Dog Show in Österbybruk, SE. We congratulate her and Maria Törmänen (co-owner) to the Swedish & Danish Show Championship.

Gotland 9-10 may 2015, SSRK Sweden


Benton Under Oath Best In Show 2015


A great weekend for Jenny and our dogs at SSRK Gotland duble show.

Welford's Queens Park BIS4 / BOB Puppy. Welford's Mayfair Garden 2nd best bitch with CC and Best in Show / BIS Veteran x 2 / BIS2 Multi Winner Benton Under Oath

Thanks to all involved especially Jenny Andersson.


Stockholm 03 May 2015 soon arriving to Sweden


Captain America des Vauriennes "Archie"

e. Multi Winner Wild Chaise des Vauriennes

u. Trystyn's Chrime Of Passion



Thank you Lidewij Harmsen, Holland. For making this possible.



Denmark, Roskilde 25 april. International Dog Show


BIG3 - BOB- CACIB -CC/DK - Danish Champion

Welford's Jackson Bridge " Jackson "


Success for Kennel Welford at the International Dog Show in Denmark, Roskilde.


BIG3 -BOB - CACIB - CC/DK - Danish Show Champion

Welford's Jackson Bridge "Jackson"



Daintys Welfords Choice "Diva"


Judged by Mrs Gitte Finnish Pedersen, Denmark

Thanks to al involved: Maria Törmänen & Fam. Ånäs

19 April 2015 Jenny & Jaffa in Forshaga, Sweden


Nice day at SSRK Forshaga today for Jenny & Jaffa.


Multi Winner Benton Under Oath

BIS2 Veteran, BIG3, BOB


Welford's Primrose Hill, 3r best bitch


Thanks and gratulations to Jenny Andersson and Margaretha Löfvenborg

Judged by Mr. Johan Andersson, SE

Stockholm 2015-04-04


Welford Swedish Winner 2015


SE V-15, NORDJV-14 NOJV-14

Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron "Aram"


Today at Stockholm International Easter Show, Aram took CC, CACIB, best male and the title SE V-15. Aram is by GB CH Ferndel Aeron Magregor and SE VCH Don's Dear Ms Welford. Our "Jaffa" multi winner Benton Under Oath ended 2nd best male, Winner of the Veteran title SE VV-15. Congrats to Marjo Jaakkola for winning BOB

Judge: Mr Frank Whyte Spaniel specialist, UK

Malmö 2015-03-29




Our Multi Winner Benton Under Oath "Jaffa" at International Dog Show in Malmö, Sweden.

Lovely handled by Jenny Andersson.

News from USA 2015 - National Speciality

Welford's Jesmond Waterfall now US Show Champion


News from "Jason" In USA


"Jason" Welford's Jesmond Waterfall is Winners Dog at the American Spaniel Club show.

"National Speciality 2015"


Thank you to Team Jason USA:

Meghen Riese Bassel, Kennel Statesman, Susan Riese, Kennel Statesman,

Melanie Helms, Ryan Wolf & Phil Gilson