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Welsh Springer Spaniel




Welsh Springer Spaniel


 News 2012





Welford Result 2012


WSSK Club Show Winner 2012 & WSSK Club Show Junior Winner 2012

Nordic Winner & Nordic Junior Winner 2012

Swedish Junior Winner 2012

Danish Winner & Danish Junior Winner 2012

        Norwegian Winner 2012 & Norwegian Junior Winner 2012

Helsinki Junior Winner 2012 

Finish Junior Winner 2012

WSSK Open Show Winner 2012


6 x Swedish Show Champions

1 x Danish Show Champion

1 x Swedish Track Champions

                                                                       1 x  Norwegian Show Champion


3 x Best In Show Puppies 2012 - SKK & SSRK

Best In Group 8 2012 & several group placement



And alot of miles on the highway.




Hund 2012 - Stockholm, see Welford pictures here.



NORDV-11 NORDJV-11 He JV-11 FI JV-11 SE U(u)CH

Welford's Harrington Hall





    Swedish Junior Winner 2012  


Welford's Jesmond Waterfall 3. best male CC and Swedeish Junor Winner 2012



 Welford's Harrintgon Hall 2. best male  R-CACIB



Welford's Im Still Here 3 best bitch with CC and Champion.

besides her mother Don's Dear Ms Welford.

Judge Mrs. Helle Dan, Denmark.




   Norwegian Winner Show, Lilleström Norway 2012.11.25  


Norwegian Winner 2012, BIG-4,  BOB, CC, CACIB,

Norwegian Show Champion our Jaffa, Benton Under Oath.

Norwegian Junior Winner Jason, Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

Breed Judge Mr. Einar Paulsen, Group Judge Mr. Tamas Jakkel


BIG-4 BOB NO V-12 Benton Under Oath, BOS NO V-12 Benton Winter Storm

Congratulation Marjo Jaakkola, Breeder of Jaffa & LIsbeth


Norwegian Junior Winner 2012 Welford's Jesmond Waterfall.






Best In Show Puppy 2012


Welford's Kensington Garden


"Kane" Welford's Kensington Garden.

 BIS Puppy at today yearly Puppy show,

Uppsala Kennel Club in Enköping.

 500 puppies entered.


Breed judge. Mrs Karin Brostam Berglund

BIS judge. Mrs Annika Ullweit-Moe


BIS / BOB Welford's Kensington Garden

              BIM / BOS Welford's Kingston Mary





 Nordic Winner Show, Herning Denmark 2012.11.04




NORDJV-12 Welford's Jesmond Watefall.


NORDV-12 Benton Under Oath & NORDJV-12 Welford's Jesmond Waterfall.

Another great day in Denmark at the Nordic Winner Show 2012. Our Jaffa Nordic Winner 2012  / CACIB /

BOS and our uppcoming junior Jason - Welford's Jesmond Waterfall Nordic Junior Winner 2012,

2nd best male and DK CC. Even today congratulation to Marjo Jaakkola and Mimmi.

Foto. Jan Buk, Denmark.



       Danish Winner Show 2012, Herning    


DK Winner 2012, DK Champion,  BOS, CACIB, CERT-DK Benton Under Oath

DK Junior Winner 2012 Welford's Kingston Mary




Today at the Danish Winner Show 2012, in Herning 2012.11.03

Our lovely junior bitch Welford's Kingston Mary took the title Danish Junior Winner 2012.

Danish Winner 2012, BOS/BIM, DK-Champion, CACIB, CERT Benton Under Oath.

 BOB Benton Winter Storm, congratulation to Marjo Jaakkola, Finland

Judge Mrs. T.V.A. Boogaert-Kwint, The Netherlands 




2012.11.02 SKK International Show Växjö.

BIG-3, BOB, CACIB, Champion, CERT-SE Welford's Harrington Hall



Show Champion Nr. 5 - 2012



Utställningschampion SE U(u)CH


Welford's Harrington Hall

                          e. Don's Paparazzi

                          u. Welford's Belmont Falls



At todays International Dog Show in Växjö, Sweden Welford's Harrington Hall was placed BIG-3, BOB/BIR, CACIB, CERT-SE and is now Swedish Show Champion. Harry is nr. 5 in line of Welford Show Champion this year and Co-owned with Mia Hansson. BOS today Dimmös Lucky Face. Congratulations to Birgitta and Monica. 32 welsh springers was entered at the show. Judge Mr. Simu Calin, Rumania.







New Show Champion



Utställningschampion SE U(u)CH

Viltspårschampion SE VCH


Welford's Femme Fatale

                          e. SE U(u)CH Don's Postman

                          u. Don's Rhymes Of Rhyader





Sundsvall Interantional Dogshow 2012.10.14


BOB, CACIB Don's Carl-Jan

BOS, CACIB, Champion, CERT Welford's Femme Fatale




 BOB/CACIB Don's Carl-Jan & BOS/CACIB New Showchampion Welford's Femme Fatale,

at todays international show in Sundsvall. judge Mr. Christian Geelmuyden, Norway.




Uppcoming Junior - Welford's Jackson Bridge 2012.10.04




Jacksonwill enter the showring 2013





Rörligt Prov - Viltspår 2012.10.02



Viltspårchampion Don's Dear Ms Welford.


 Anna - Don's Dear Ms Welford - har tagit sitt viltspårchampionat

 med tre första pris på en vecka! Hon tituleras således numera

 SE VCH  NordJV-08  SE U(u)CH  NO UCH  Don's Dear MsWelford.

 I andra änden av spårlinan gick Brittis Hagert


Don's Dear Ms Welford





SSRK Dogshow Dingtuna 2012.09.08



BOB / CC Welford's Jesmond Waterfall & BOS / CC Welford's I'm Still Here



Welford's Jesmond Waterfall.


Att the SSRK Show in Dingtuna, Västerås our Jason - Welford's Jesmond Waterfall was best of breed with CC and our Chanel - Welford's I'm Still here BOS /CC. Kane our puppie - Welford's Kensington Garden

 BIS-3 Puppie / Best  Of Breed Puppie / BOB .

Breed Judge specialist Mrs. Marjo Jaakkola, Finland

Foto Mrs. Maria Törmänen. Thank you Maria for the lovely photos




SKK Nationel Dogshow Gimo 2012.09.08


Best In Show Puppie

BIS / BIR Puppie

Welford's Kensington Garden.


BIM / BOS Jaffa - Benton Under Oath. CERT / CC to

Chanel - Welford's I'm Still Here who took her 2. CC.



                                                   BOB & BOS SKK Gimo                                                CC / CERT


What a day, Starting with sunshine during the Breed judgement and then hail during the BIS finals.

Welford's Kensington Garden BOB Puppie became Best In Show puppie. BOS in the breed Jaffa - Benton Under Oath. BOB Clussexx Tail I Win, congratualtion to Karin Brostam Berglund and Jeane Haweric, USA. CC / CERT to our Chanel - Welford's I'm Still Here.

Breed judge Mr. Kresten Schell, Denmark.




3 x International Dog Show SKK Sandviken / Högbo 2012.09.05 - 07


BOB Benton Under Oath - Jaffa  &  BOS Clussexx Tails I Win - Greta




During the 3 days international Dog Show in the rain, Sandviken / Högbo our dogs showed very well.

Kane our puppie - Welford's Kensington Garden was placed BOB Puppie all 3 days, with price of honour.

Collin - Welford's I'm Number One took his 2. CC and Jaffa - C.I.B FI V-11 FI UCH SE U(u)CH was BOB

 and short listed in the BIS Final.  Fanny - Welford's Femme Fatale placed 3. best bitch, reserv CC.

Breed Judge:  Mrs Sumiko Ikeda, JP.  Mr. Hans Rosenberg, SE & Mr. Lars Wedin, SE






Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

e. DK V-11 SEV-11 SE U(u)CH DK UCH

Don's Carl-Jan

u. SE U(u)CH Welford's Covent Garden




HD / Hip score B/B

Ögon / Eyes: UA - No remarks









International Dogshow SKK Norrköping

18. augusti 2012.


Best In show 4 -  Puppies

BIR Valp - BOB Puppie

Welford's Kensington Garden.


Att the show judged by Mrs. Stacey Sewell, Australia

Our Jackie - Welford's Dollar Girl took her final

 CERT and became Swedish Show Champion.





              BIR/BOB CERT CHAMP Welford's Dollar Girl  - jackie, BIM/BOS Benton Under Oath, jackies father Jaffa




WSSK Club Show - Best in Show 2012

Our lovely "Jaffa" C.I.B.  FI V-11  FI UCH  SE U(u)CH Benton Under Oath



Best in Show Junior Welford's  Jesmond Waterfalland more pictures Club Show 2012


120 welsh springer spaniels entered for the Swedish Welsh springer spanil Clubshow in Stockholm Sweden. Dogs from Sweden, Finland, UK, USA, The Netherlands were represented. judge Mr. Nigel Worth and Mr. Gordon R. Haran both UK. Best In show 2012 our Jaffa - Benton Under Oath. Best in Show Junior our Jason - Welford's Jesmond Waterfall. Best Of opposite sex Clussexx Tails I Win, owned by Mrs Jeane Haverick, USA c/o Karin Brostam Berglund, Sweden.


Thank you alla and especially WSSK/Stockholm for a lovely day.




SKK International Dogshow, Köping Sweden 21 July 2012


BOS, CERT, CACIB Welford's Femme Fatale

R-CERT Welford's I'm Number One



Welford's Femme Fatale - Fanny


Welford's I'm Number One - Collin


Best of opposite sex BOS Welford's Femme Fatale, CERT-SE & CACIB.

Welford's I'm Number One 3. best male with R-CERT-SE.

BOS Smörsoppens In The Woods, congratulations to Hanna Johansson. Breed Judge Anne Buvik Norway.




Spaniel & Retriever Dogshow - Högbo/Sandviken 15 July 2012.

Best In Show Puppie - Welford's Kensington Garden





Best In Show puppie for our Kane - Welford's Kensington Garden, BOB Puppie att todays Spaniel & Retriever Dogshow In Högbo/Sandviken, Sweden. Best Swedish breed dog NORDV-11 NORDJV-11 FI JV-11 Welford's Harrington Hall. Best Swedish breed bitch Welford's Femme Fatale. Judge Mr. Per Iversen, Norway.




Winning Weekend for Welford Dogs 6 - 7 July 2012.


SKK International Show - Tvååker 6 July 2012.


BIS-4 / BOB Breeding Group - Kennel Welford 4 kombinations

BOS - CERT Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

CACIB - C.I.B.  FI V-11  FI UCH  SE U(u)CH  Benton Under Oath

CERT - Swedish Showchampion Welford's Covent Garden



BIS-4 Breeding Group - Kennel Welford



     BOS - CERT Welford's Jesmond Waterfall. BOB Hamnmalgårdens Star Light and congratulations to Ann Marie Hobbs and Breeder Gudrun Jonsson. Best in Show Breeding group 4 - Kennel Welford, 4 kombinations, participating with W's Jesmond Waterfall, W's Duchess of Heddychlon, W's Covent Garden and W's High Mountain.

 At the Show our Bea - Welford's Covent Garden placed as 2. best bitch with her 4. CERT and the title

Swedish Show Champion 2012 - SE U(u)CH.

Dog Judge. Mr. Bjarne Sörensen, Norway. Bitch and BOB judge Mrs G. Groeneweg-De Klerk, The Netherlands



SKK National Show - Tvååker 7 July 2012.


BOB - CERT Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

BOB Breeding Group - Kennel Welford 4 kombinations

Best youth bitch Welford's High Mountain



   BOB - CERT Welford's Jesmond Waterfall. BOS - CERT Sällebäcks Torta Di Ricotta congratulations to Petra Larsson and breeder Cecilia Ytterell.  BOB Breeding group - Kennel Welford, 4 kombinations, participating with W's Jesmond Waterfall, W's Duchess of Heddychlon, W's Covent Garden and W's High Mountain.

Breed judge Mr. Karl Eddie Berge, Norway



SSRK Spaniel & Retriever Dogshow - 7 July 2012.


BOB - CERT Welford's Harrington Hall

BOS - CERT Welford's Imperial Deluxe


Thank you to Mia Hansson and Gunilla Sandström for handling the dogs.

Breed judge Mr. Frank Bjerklund, Norway





National Show SSRK Gränna

BOS / BIM - SE U(u)CH Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon


BOS / BIM - SE U(u)CH Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon.

Congratulations to Birgitta Abrahamsson, Janne Gustavsson, handler Carin Karlsson,

 Kennel Heddychlon and  Lina & Dan Axelsson who took the BOB with Myran.

Judge. Mrs Lena Rollmar, Sweden.





SKK International Dogshow SKK Avesta 2012


CACIB - BOS/BIM - C.I.B. FI V-11 FI UCH SE (u)CH Benton Under Oath

CC/CERT - Welford's Jesmond Waterfall.



BOS CIB FI V-11 FI UCH SE (u)CH Benton Under oath. BOB Geltman's Gala Devine - Amy.

Congratulations to Gunilla Sandström and Amy.

CC/CERT and 3. Best male, our Junior - Welford's Jesmond Fall.

Judge Mrs. Natalija Nekrosiene, Lithuania.





 Lyon, France, International Dogshow 2012


Welford's High Mountain - Molly


Congratulations to Molly and the Hebbel family. See you soon in Sweden.





SKK National Show, Norrköping


BOB / BIR Benton Under Oath "Jaffa"

CERT Welford's I'm Number One "Collin"


BIM - Twinkle Party Piece          &          BIR -   Benton Under Oath



                            CERT -  Welford's I'm Number One                              Welford's Covent Garden


"Jaffa" Benton Under Oath BOS/BIR today at the SKK National Show in Norrköping.

BIM/BOB Twinkle Party Piece, congratulations to Mr Per Aschan.

At the show our uppcoming "Collin" Welford's I'm Number One tok his first CC/CERT, 

 Best bitch intermedia our "Bea" Welford's Covent Garden.

 Breed Judge Mr. Tino Pehar, Croatia.





SKK Stockholm International Dog Show


Best In Group / BIG1 / BIR Benton Under Oath

BIM / CERT Welford's Imperial Deluxe.



Group Winner Stockholm International Dog Show 2012 & Best Of Breed CACIB-SE. Our Jaffa - Benton Under Oath, Group judge Monika Blaha.  Breed Judge Mr. Einar Paulsen.

BOS / BIM / CACIB-SE / CERT Welford's Imperial Deluxe.


BIM Welford's Imperial Deluxe  &  BIR Benton Under Oath





SKK National Show, Österbybruk Herrgårdspark


BIG-4, BOB / BIR Benton Under Oath "Jaffa"

CERT Welford's Jesmond Waterfall  "Jason"




"Jaffa" Benton Under Oath 4. placed in the Group and Best Of Breed at the Nationel Show in Österbybruk. "Jason" Welford's Jesmond Waterfall tok his först CERT / CC as 2. best male. Judge Mrs Inga Sill, Estonia.





Welford's High Mountain - Molly at the World Dog Show 2012.




Molly - Welford's High Mountain is one of the top winning welsh springer spaniels in Schwitzerland, owned by Cecilia Hebbel and her family. Molly have several CCs/ CERT from shows during 2011 and 2012.

Congratulation to Molly and the Hebbel family.

Photo: Jan Buk, Kennel Churnwood, Denmark.





Welford's Jesmond Waterfall





Jason - Welford's Jesmond




2012.05.06 SKK Lidköping - Nationell utställning

BIR & BIM samt 2 x CERT



Best Of Breed, Best of opposite & CC:

BOB / CC -  NORDV-11 NORDJV-11 FI JV-11 HE JV-11 Welford's Harrington Hall.

BOS - SE U(u)CH Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon

CC / CERT - Welford's Especially For You


Vår fina Harry fortsätter sina framgångar. Denna gång med att ta BIR + CERT vid helgens SKK utställning i Lidköping. Domare var Arne Foss, NO.

Welford tog även BIM med Welfords Ducches of Heddychlon som haft en fantastisk helg bakom sig med både BIS på Open Show samt BIM på söndagen. Ett stort grattis till kennel Heddychlon för Jaffa-dottern "Ärtans"  framgångar


CC / CERT - Welford's Especially For You


Inte nog med detta så tog även härliga Welfords Especially for you "Bessie" CERT, BT 2.

 Ett stort grattis till Margareta som dagen till ära ställde sin hund själv. 


Kennel Welford blev även bästa uppfödargrupp.


Étt stort tack till Mia Hansson som var handler för Welford hela helgen med ett flertal hundar i

ringarna både lördag som söndag. Bra jobbat Mia !




2012.05.05 WSSK Open Show Falköping



Best Of Breed and Best Of Opposite

Best In Show & BOB - SE U(u)CH Welford's Duchess of Heddychlon


Welford's Harrington Hall.


Open Show i Falköping resulterade i storslam för Welford i utställningsringen. Resultatet var detsamma som söndagen med undantaget att Ärtan var BIR och Harry BIM.




2012.04.29 SKK Västerås - Nationell utställning

BIR & BIM samt 2 x CERT

BIR + CERT Welford's Harrington Hall

BIM + CERT Welford's Femme Fatale.

Bästa junior hane, 3. bästa hane Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

Domare Nina Karlsdotter, Sverige




2012.04.14 SSRK Västra 


  Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon Utställningschampion. 

Bäst i Rasen och CERT


Stort Grattis till Ärtan - Welford's Duchess of Heddychlon samt handlar Caring Bergendahl och ägare Kennel Heddychlon, Birgitta Abrahamsson, Janne Gustavsson. Ärtan placerade sig idag som:  Bästa Tik, Bäst i Rasen - BIR, CERT och därmed Svensk Utställningschampion. Stort Grattis även till Ami Hobbs och SE U(u)CH Queensett's The King med dagen BIM.  Domare: Per Iversen, Norge.




New Pictures 2012.04.06



                  Welford's Imperial Deluxe                 Welford's Her Excellence            Welford's Jesmond Waterfall




 SSRK Högbo / Sandviken 2012.03.25


BIR & CERT Welford's Honeymoon Dream - Miro

BIM & CERT Welford's I'm Still Here - Chanel

BIM - HP Valp II Welford's Jesmond Waterfall - Jason




             Welford's Honeymoon Dream - Miro                              BIR & BIM                            Welford's I'm Still Here - Chanel


Vid utställningen i Högbo / Sandviken tog vi hem båda BIR & BIM samt 2 CERT med våra unga hundar

Welford's Honeymoon Dream - Miro och Welford's I'm Still Here - Chanel.

Bim Valp II Welford's Jesmond Falls - Jason

Domare: Annika Ullveit Moe, Sverige.




Jaffa - Benton Under Oath - Back in Sweden



C.I.B FIN CH(U) SE U(u)CH FINV-10 Benton Under Oath


Flertalet Grupp placeringar med en avslutande Grupp Vinst SKK Sundsvall blev facit när

Benton Under Oath  "Jaffa" var hos oss under några sommar månader 2009. Nu är han tillbaka för att stanna i Kennel Welfords ägo. Vi hälsar Jaffa välkommen och ser fram mot en fortsatt utställningskarriär

tillsammans med oss.


Several Group placements with a final Group Winn at SKK Sundsvall became the track record for Benton Under Oath "Jaffa"  had with us during some summer months in 2009. Now he is back to stay in

Kennel Welfords ownership.

We wish Jaffa welcome and look forward to a show career toghether with us.




2012.03.16 New future hopes


Kane & Mary efter SEV-11, JWW-10, DKV-11 DK CH(u) SE U(u)CH Don's Carl-Jan

& SE U(u)CH Don's Darling Pretty.



      Welford's Kingston Mary - Mary          Welford's Kensington Garden - Kane




2012.03.02 Welford's High Mountain Schweizisk Unghundchampion.



Molly och familjen Hebbel, Schweiz


Welford's High Mountain

e. DK CH(u) SE U(u)CH EUW-11

Don's Paparazzi

u. DK CH(u) SE U(u)CH

Welford's Belmont Falls



Schweizisk Unghundchampion

Swiss youth champion



Första CERT/CAC Lausanne 15 nov. 2011. Domare Iuza Beradze, Georgien.

Molly var BIR (bäst i rasen) och bästa unghund.

Andra CERT/CAC Fribourg 25 feb. 2012. Domare A. Stepinski, Polen.

Molly placerade sig här bästa unghund

Tredje CERT/CAC Fribourg 26 feb. 2012. Domare Ch. Rossier, Schweiz.

Molly var även här bästa unghund


Dessutom fick hon R-CERT på Clubshow i Wangen And Der Aare. 11 September 2011.


Vi Gratulera Molly och familjen Hebbel till framgångarna.




2012.02.11 SSRK Östergötland - Mjölby

BIR Valp - Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

R-CERT - Bästa Junior Hane - Welford's I'm Number One

Domare Tord Lundborg, SE






Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

e. DK V-11 SE V-11 DK CHU SE U(u)CH

 Don's Carl-Jan

u. Welford's Covent Garden












Welford's Her Excellens

e. WW-10 EUV-11 DK CH(u) SE U(u)CH

 Don's Paparazzi

u. SE U(u)CH Welford's Belmont Falls


HD/Höft resultat A/A








2012.01.30 Nu säljer vi Jackson

Welford's Jackson Bridge, juniorhane född 2011.06.26 till salu.


Welford's Jackson Bridge - Jackson

e. DKV-11 SEV-11 JWW-10 DK CH(u) SE U(u)CH Don's Carl-Jan

u. Welford's Covent Garden.




Vi är intresserad av delägareskap -  Intresserad ? 




2012.01.21 SSRK Bergslagen, Kungsör

BIR Valp & 2 bästa hane med R-CERT

Domare Jan Roger Sauge, Norge




BIR - Bäst I Rasen Valp II

Welford's Jesmond Waterfall



E. Don's Carl-Jan

u. Welford's Belmont Falls










R-CERT - Bästa Junior - 2 Bästa Hane

Welford's I'm Number One



E. Clussexx Pay Per View For Dons

u. Don's Dear Ms Welford

HD - B/B

Ögon - UA, No remarks





Vi utställningen tog vi hem BIR Uppfödaregrupp med HP. Deltagare: Welford's I'm Number One "Collin", Welford's Imperial Deluxe "Cookie", Welford's Diamond Jubilee "Lizzy" & Welford's Especially For You "Bessie".




2012.01.08 MyDog CERT, 2 bästa hane 

Welford's Honeymoon Dream



Welford's Honeymoon Dream tog sitt första CERT och 2 bästa hane

vid MyDog utställningen i Göteborg. Domare Lilian Jonsson, Sverige.

TACK Thommy för handlingen och TACK Gunilla för transporten.


                      Winner Titels 2011                    


                                                                Nordisk Vinnare 2011                                                    

                                                                Nordisk Juniorvinnare 2011              Svensk Vinner 2011         

                                                                Finsk Juniorvinnare 2011                  Dansk Vinner 2011

  Dansk utställningschampion         Helsingki Juniorvinnare 2011           Dansk utställningschamp.  



              SE U(u)CH  DK CH(U)                   NORD V-11 NORD JV-11 FI JV-11                DK V-11 SE V-11  JWW-10   

           Welford's Belmont Falls                        Welford's Harrington Hall                          DK CH(U)  SE U(u)CH

                                                                                                                                                 Don's Carl-Jan


         Club Show Vinner 2011          

      Norsk Utställningschampion               Viltspårschampion 2011



         NORDJV-08  SE U(u)CH                                       SE V CH

          Don's Dear Ms Welford                            Welford's Femme Fatale


Nordisk Vinnare 2011 - NORDV-11

Nordisk Juniorvinnare 2011 - NORDJV-11

Finish Junior Winner 2011 - FI JW-11

Helsingki Junior Winner 2011 - HE JW-11

Welford's Harrington Hall - Harry.





 Welford info under News 2011 

 More Welford Info under News 2011





Copyright Welford 2009 


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Valpar / Puppies


Prima är parad med Jason



SE U(u)CH Don's Trinity Welford


Se valpar / puppies




 Show Champions 2012




Welford's Covent Garden

Welford's Dollar Girl

Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon

Welford's Femme Fatale

Welford's Harrington Hall





Harrington Hall






 Femme Fatale





Welford's Dollar Girl




Titles & Champions





Clubshow 2012




Welford's Kensington Garden


Welford's Jesmond Waterfall


Welford's Femme Fatale



Don's Trinity Welford


 Welford's I'm Number One 



Benton Under Oath


Don's Carl-Jan





Welford's Jesmond Waterfall




Welford's Jesmond Waterfall




  New Champion 2012




Covent Garden





Duchess Of Heddychlon



Titles & Champions






Brentwood Hills




Don's Flag Of Convenience

u. Don's Rhymes Of Rhyader





High Mountain


"Molly" at World Dog

Show 2012




Molly at the International Dogshow

Lyon, France 2012



Welford's High Mountain




Welford's Imperial Deluxe




Welford's Imperial Deluxe





Welford's I'm Number One





Welford's I'm Number One




Svensk Vinner 2011

Dansk Vinner 2011

Don's Carl-Jan


Finsk Junior Vinner 2011

Helsingfors Junior Vinner 2011

Welford's Harrington Hall


Champions & Vinnare





Valpar / Puppies

Future Plans


Klicka Här




Club Show 2011

Best In Show


Don's Dear Ms Welford



Flera Welford resultat under NEWS






Best In Show &



En hög exteriör kvalitet har

 resulterat i flera Grupp

placeringer och

Championat i utställnings sammanhang.


Läs mer





SE V-11


 SE U(u)CH 

Don's Carl-Jan



 Holly House Toast Of Clussexx

u SE U(u)CH Rolyart's Energize Me




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